13 incredibly memorable public announcements

13 incredibly memorable public announcements

Presented in this article is a collection of unforgettable ads, notices, and personal messages written by ordinary people. We at Bright Side hope you’ll enjoy their sheer honesty, wit, and attention-grabbing immediacy as much as we did!

A purr-fect customer magnet.

An ideal cake to mark one's retirement.

Nice and to the point.

Those requirements get tougher and tougher, don't they?!

What's this - some kind of alphabetical discrimination?!

Heavy-handed management? Not in our company!

We dare not imagine what this monstrosity looks like!

Now this is what we call pure marketing genius!

At least before you were allowed to trickle in!

What a cool way to motivate students to do their homework!

Whatever you do - don't let him use high-speed broadband after midnight!

Mom, I've fixed the doorbell!

Remember - each time you park like an idiot, you squash someone's relationship.

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