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13 Internet Users That Got Into the Most Awkward Situations in Their Lives

Every person has to have blushed at least once in their lives when they witnessed an awkward situation. When we feel awkward, we experience the same chemical reaction as when we are in danger, this is why we want to escape as fast as possible. The folks from this compilation would also have liked to run away, but they didn’t get the chance.

We at Bright Side are willing to boost our readers’ mood with these funny situations from internet users’ lives.

  • My wife and daughter went to the mall to buy clothes and I was waiting in the car. A woman comes to the car, opens the trunk, and says in a rude voice, “Oh, your junk is all over the place again, there is no room!” I just keep watching in the rearview mirror as she continues to put her stuff into MY car. She sits on the back seat and says, “You could have helped, you know. Okay, let’s go...” I look back and ask her, “Where to?” She is shocked and the only thing she could say was “Oh.” We were laughing so hard while I was helping her get her things. © Alexeich56 / pikabu

  • On the plane, I asked a man to help me with a bag. His wife got hysterical and said I could do it myself. Then, she started beating her husband and put my bag back on the shelf where it was! © klevtsova_jane / twitter

  • I worked as a mechanic at a taxi company. In the evening, the drivers change and one of them comes too late and laughs. When asked what took him so long, he told me that he had taken his passengers to the airport and right at the end of his shift, he got one more call. The guy put 2 bags in the back, sat in the front. They start chatting and when they arrive, the passenger pays and walks to his house. The driver tells him that he forgot his bags and the man goes, “What bag?” His eyes got huge and he added, “We forgot my wife at the airport!” They had to drive all the way back. © CucuRuku / pikabu

  • If you ever feel like you are a fool, just remember that today, I dropped a thermometer from a shelf and it was in a case. And just sat there looking at it for 30 minutes thinking about how to get away from it, even though it wasn’t broken. © DerDunkleGraf / twitter

  • The other day, I went to a barbershop. This girl started to do the back of my head and then she exclaimed, “You have so much hair on your neck!” I felt a bit awkward because I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or not. And I decided to change the subject and said, “You haven’t seen my butt yet.”
    The girl takes a step back and gives me a serious look. I thought she didn’t like my joke but 5 seconds later, she says, “I hope you have cash, because I’m not going to cut the hair on your butt for only $20.” © Kolgotka / pikabu

  • When I was 8, I often heard the word prostitute on the news. I didn’t know what it meant but I liked the word. I thought it had something to do with institute and I knew that institute was a good thing. What could possibly go wrong? I was playing with a girl twice my age and at some point, I decide to call her a prostitute. I did it loudly and happily. A strange silence followed. The girl was bright red, almost crying, she turned away, and went straight home. My older brother took me home and told my parents everything. I am still ashamed. © deshpis / pikabu

  • I was sitting at the computer, completely naked because it was super-hot both inside and outside. And then someone knocks on the window from the outside. I look around to see that there are 2 women painting the walls and one of them says, “Miss, can you close the curtain, we are a little bit uncomfortable.” © kate_ne_smeshno / twitter

  • My dad calls and says, “Get a taxi for my friend.” Me: “Okay.” 10 minutes later, I call him and say, “Dad, the taxi is waiting.” Dad: “He’s going to have to wait until we finish celebrating.” © vos_yeux / twitter

  • A woman came into our store looking for hairpins for children. I am standing right next to her and smell an incredibly pleasant perfume. I decide to tell her, “Your perfume is so nice! What is it?” And she tells me that she just spilled just beer on herself. © kokoshin_el / twitter

  • My mom and I were trying on clothes at a store. We had tried on over 15 things. And when my mother put on the next one, I said, “Mom, this is the worst of all! Take it off.” And she almost starts crying, “These are my clothes!” © alexygoncharova / twitter

Have you ever been in awkward situations like the ones above? What did you do?

Preview photo credit nenasheva_mira / twitter
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