13 Pearls From Advertisers That Made Us Doubt Their Sanity

We’re used to taking ads and whatever happens in them for granted. Yet when you think about it, they’re often so absurd you doubt their creators were in their right mind.

Bright Side collected 13 examples of such advertising pearls. Have you ever thought about them?

Of course, we always carry a gallon of detergent with us. In our pocket, where else?

Watching a toilet paper tube get flushed: entertainment for the whole family.

Someone tell advertisers you should actually open your mouth to drink.

Nothing beats having a drink on a speeding bike.

Squeeze that paste! You only live once!

Ever noticed what fun it is to take a shower?

Deodorant is apparently the only thing you need to attract women.

Okay, the tea makes you feel good and want to dance. But what’s with everyone else?

No, you can’t eat yogurt with your eyes open.

The same goes for ice cream, of course.

Oh, sweater, you understand me so well!

You don’t have a huge white carpet? Then how can you call yourself happy?

Don’t worry if you made a mess! A bald cartoon guy with an earring will clean everything up.

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