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13 People Who Fought Hurricanes With a Sense of Humor

Hurricanes are a real problem for people living on the coasts. Broken houses and evacuations are not a great way to start a day! Worse still is having to survive multiple hurricanes over the years. But for some people, laughter is not only the best medicine, it is also a way to get through hard times.

Bright Side found 13 people who are fighting against the weather with jokes. Hang in there, guys!

She comes with presents!

For some, it's just a time to take great pics.

It worked for Kendall Jenner!

Yep, a new Pokemon! Presumably from the coast of Japan...

Commitment to the customers!

News: If you're in an evacuation zone, please leave Florida.

Assembly required indeed!


Good thinking!

That must be some awful chowder!

A man with a plan!

Manual labor is underrated.

Time to rent out of here!

Every tragedy seems less powerful if you approach it with laughter. Do you know any people who have the same outlook on life? Share your stories in the comments!

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