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13 People Who Know What the Perfect Photobomb Looks Like

Today everyone can create a masterpiece with the help of a smartphone and a couple of filters. But a person’s genuinely funny and real emotions are still the main feature of any shot.

Bright Side has collected some photos that can put a smile on your face and make your day way better.

This pastor didn’t want to go unnoticed.

She’s a future beauty blogger.

Photobomb experts: a dad and his son

You’re never too old to photobomb.

He can teach these girls how to pose.

Trying to sneak a peek

The perfect rock album cover

Pregnancy isn’t a reason to miss out on your favorite movie.

Old magazine pictures are great!

When your friends know you always spoil photos so they lock you in a room:

When you’re tired of your job:

Those eyes...

A girl broke her leg during a photoshoot and decided it wasn’t a reason to go home.

Do you have friends that always photobomb? We think these kinds of photos are the best! Do you agree?

Preview photo credit unknown user/ imgur, Aleromo/ imgur
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