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13 People Who Shouldn’t Be Aware of the Existence of Photoshop (Working at a Fashion Magazine Isn’t an Excuse)

Photoshop has long been recognized as one of the best tools to retouch and create flawless photos. But when amateurs try to use it, they create unbelievably curious works of art. In this article, you’ll see hilarious retouch fails that were made by both regular internet users and professionals working in the media and online stores.

Bright Side gathered 13 ridiculous Photoshop fails made by people who tried really hard but failed anyway. At the end of the article, there’s a small test for attentiveness where you’ll have to spot the designer’s mistake.

1. Realistic 3D tattoo design

2. How do you like this huge flash drive with a small memory capacity?

3. “It’s fine, Bethany, we can Photoshop it. You don’t have to jump.”

4. If the models have ugly faces, you can Photoshop different ones on top of them.

5. Why don’t they pay attention to the shadows?

6. These headphones will never ruin your hair.

7. Celebrities love to use Photoshop too but it’s not always successful. Take a look at the crooked floor.

8. Looks like they took a photo of a woman, then put the flower on top and then covered that all with another woman’s face.

9. When you remove beach umbrellas, don’t forget about the reflection in the swimming pool.

10. These guitars not only hang on their own, they play without even a human touch.

11. This golfer must have serious problems with his knee joints.

12. Oh, the walls. They always get crooked when they have their picture taken.

13. Olivia Munn has a disproportionately huge head.

Bonus: A test for the attentive ones. Can you tell what’s wrong with this picture?

Hint: Pay attention to the cross bar.

Answer: Cross bar with hangers should be behind the mid-vertical bar.

Which Photoshop fail do you think was the most epic? Share your opinion in the comments.

Preview photo credit Marco Mazzocchi / twitter
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