13 Proofs That the Possibilities of Construction Have No Boundaries

The imagination of modern architects is just crazy. They're increasingly taking risky ideas and, as practice shows, never make mistakes.

Bright Side offers you a selection of man's creations that are too cool to be silent about.

Ring of Life, China

This 56-storey ring was built especially for tourists, and there are observation platforms at the very top of it. At night, the ring looks even more amazing thanks to 10,000 multicolored lights.

La Grande Arche de la Défense, France

The French are famous for their love of arches. Here's an interesting arch in the form of a hypercube, built in the small town of Puteaux. At the very top of it, there are spacious conference rooms and observation platforms.

Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico

Arecibo is a giant observatory, and we never expected it to look like this. Of course, ordinary citizens cannot admire the starry sky from there, but you're always welcome to stand next to it and take cool photos of The National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center of the USA.

Hubless Ferris Wheel, China

People in China are so inventive! They recently made a hubless Ferris wheel - you can hardly imagine an attraction like this. Each booth has Wi-Fi to share photos taken at the height of a 48-storey building.

Vidraru Dam, Romania

Vidraru Dam is a perfect place to thrill oneself and get an adrenaline rush. Someone could look down the edge, and someone could take advantage of the opportunity to jump the longest bungee in the world.

The Shard, UK

The Shard skyscraper is 72 storeys of offices and apartments. The top one is the highest observation platform in Great Britain, offering breathtaking views of London.

Maeslantkering, The Netherlands

Maeslantkering is the most powerful machine on the river, saving the Netherlands during a storm. The barrier doors work as a gate: they close if the fast flow of water needs to be stopped, and they open if the weather is good.

Hoover Dam, USA

Hoover Dam is, so to say, 2 in 1: there's a dam and a hydroelectric plant. Since this building of incredible size is located not far from Las Vegas, it's also a landmark visited by many tourists.

Khan Shatyr, Kazakhstan

Khan Shatyr is an example of how something completely ordinary can be turned into something incredible. This is a mere shopping center in Astana, but at the same time it's the world's largest tent construction.

Glass Suspension Bridge, China

The largest glass suspension bridge is found in Zhangjiajie, in China's Hunan province. At 1,410 ft long and 20 ft wide, the bridge hangs above a 1,000-ft deep canyon. During the inauguration of the bridge, the creator showed everyone how strong it was by hitting it with an 11-pound hammer and riding on it in a very heavy car.

Bagger 288, Germany

Bagger 288 is the model of the largest excavator in the world. "Bagger" weighs 13,500 tons and needs a crew of 4 people for its maintenance.

Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange, USA

This is a 4-level car interchange in Los Angeles. There are so many lanes they can hardly be counted. Can you imagine what it's like to go the wrong way there?

Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental, China

Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental is the newest hotel in Shanghai. The architects decided the abandoned quarry shouldn't be empty, and now there's exactly what we see in the photo. The hotel has 328 rooms, some of them even under water.

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