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13 Rebellious People Who Were Born to Bend the Rules

Life surprises us every single day. It gets even more interesting when we meet people who don’t want to obey common rules and instead, invent their own methods to deal with problems. Oftentimes, their creativity is downright inspiring.

Bright Side bets these witty people and their creativeness will leave you saying, “Wow, no way!”

“I’m watching TV in the other room and FaceTiming the water so it doesn’t boil over.”

“My neighbor has 2 identical cars painted exactly opposite of each other.”

This guy wearing both camouflage and high-visibility clothing is visible and invisible at the same time.

Where’s your captain?

These guys know what they want.

He has his own laws of physics.

“Someone broke into my car last night. Nothing was stolen, but they chewed all my gum and put it back in the container.”

While we live in 2019, she lives in 3019.

“My kids wanted to play hide-and-seek. Okay, guys, try me.”

Pure boldness

“My dad takes selfies with every dog he meets.”

“My uncle has framed cereal and that’s it.”

“I showed my grandpa some memes and he loved them so much, he printed them out for his friends.”

Which of these people impressed you the most? Tell us down below!

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