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13 Stories That Prove Social Media Is the Biggest Power Force in the Modern World

People can’t escape the internet — we’re all under its spell. They say that most people can’t live a single minute without scrolling through their news feed or checking the amount of “likes” under their cool photo on Facebook or Instagram. But only on the internet can you look at a dog that became a foster mom to orphan puppies or a see a door to a fairy dwelling that opened for a little girl by magic! You can even read thousands of kind words that people sent to a guy with an amputated leg. Would any of this even be possible without the Internet that unites us today?

Bright Side can prove that the Internet is a powerful force that changes people’s lives for the better within several days, hours and even minutes.

1. Facebook found new puppies for a dog.

Daisy lost 7 puppies in a fire and was in deep grief about it. Her owner wrote a post about it and got a message from an owner of 8 orphaned puppies. Daisy accepted them as her own. The comments were saying that there is another black and white doggy up there in heaven that’s taking care of the 7 golden pups that were lost.

2. Twitter made doughnuts famous.

A Texas man opened a doughnut shop called “Billyʼs Donuts” but no one would visit it. The owner’s son posted his dad’s photo with a sad face on Twitter and they got 750,000 likes. Now they have a plethora of clients. Some even want to go to Texas to try the store’s famous doughnuts.

3. A photo on Instagram solved a problem many young dads face.

A young father showed a picture on Instagram of him changing his kid’s diaper while holding him on his lap due to the absence of a changing table. It inspired Pampers to install 5,000 diaper-changing tables in men’s bathrooms across the US.

4. A post on Twitter helped a girl with autism.

Elise from England suffers from autism and has a special attitude toward certain things. Once she lost her favorite dress and got very upset about it. A post on social media helped her — thousands of people started to look for the same dress and eventually, it was found!

5. Social media turned a taxi driver into an opera singer.

Menzi Mngoma, a taxi driver from South Africa, was singing while giving a lift to one of his passengers. She posted a video of him on Facebook. Afterward, the man was invited to the Capetown Opera for an audition and appeared in a talent showcase in Los Angeles, California.

6. A boy was alone on his birthday and the Internet was there to help him.

No guest was able to attend the birthday party of this 6-year-old boy from Florida. That’s why his mom decided to make a post about it on Facebook. Soon after that, 40 strangers with presents came to congratulate the boy and policemen and firefighters showed up as well!

7. A girl found a boyfriend without even knowing his name with the help of social media.

Savannah Campbell met a guy in a zoo shop but didn’t ask for his name or phone number. So she decided to find him via Facebook knowing only the name of the puppy he came along with, Rosie. The Internet helped and the guy was found! The couple then started dating.

8. The sea took an expensive prosthesis from a man but Facebook got it back to him.

Merritt Yeager wears an expensive ear prosthesis. Once while vacationing at the beach, he decided to put the device into his pocket but it was taken out of his hand thanks to a big wave. The man searched for the prosthesis but never found it. After that, the piece was found by someone who gave it to a police station. The policemen made a post about the find on Facebook and it made it back to its rightful owner!

9. The man who had to undergo an amputation was supported by thousands online.

A man posted this photo with the words, “My leg will be amputated in an hour.” The man loves motorcycles and the loss of the leg that he injured in an accident was devastating for him. He got support from thousands of unknown people who wrote kind words and told him about their similar experiences. The man thanked everyone and promised to answer each comment.

10. Money was stolen from a girl but she ended up getting much more.

A 9-year-old schoolgirl named Alizay was selling lemonade to collect money for charity. But her little income of $9 was stolen by teens who ran by her stall. Her father wrote about it on Twitter and the next day, real policemen came to guard her while the girl managed to raise $300.

11. A guy wasn’t hired because of his hairstyle but was later invited to join a modeling agency.

Kerion Washington’s mom posted on Facebook that her son was rejected by a job to work in a theme park because of his dreads. The post went viral with 20,000 likes and the guy even got noticed by the representatives of a famous modeling agency. He didn’t miss out on his chance!

12. A Twitter user made a fake video about a journey he didn’t have money for. Now he’s going on the trip for real.

A guy couldn’t afford a trip to Hawaii so he shot a video of himself in front of a green background to make it look like he was actually vacationing there. Not only did he get 600,000 likes for the video, but he also got a real ticket to the paradise island thanks to a plane ticket search engine.

13. A small girl got the key to a fairy shelter thanks to the Internet.

A mom told her daughter that behind a little door that they’d pass by on the way to her kindergarten, lived real fairies. Rachel, the little girl, wanted to visit them more than anything. Her mom found the owner of this “fairy house” with the help of social media, got the key, and surprised her daughter with it. There was a letter and a gift from the fairies who were waiting for her in their “magical” shelter.

Bonus: Not all information from the internet should be trusted.

Thousands of people were disappointed by the real view atop of the gates of the Lempuyang Luhur Temple in Bali. There’s no water in front of it — it’s just a photographer who’s holding a mirror in front of the camera lens.

What other stories from the Internet have impressed you recently? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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