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13 Times When Things Got an Incredible Twist

Our lives are full of unexpected events, but sometimes the things that happen to us are so wild that we want to scream from the rooftops about them. Funny jokes from fathers, texts from mothers, crazy Uber offers — all these things can make even the most routine day more interesting.

We at Bright Side know perfectly well that these unusual stories happen very rarely, so we want to share them with you.

“Someone made this miserable moth walk in snow.”

“Why is the Uber helicopter is the cheapest of all the options???”

“Important update from mom”

“I noticed my son walking with a case, opening it, checking something, and saying, ‘My precious’ but he wouldn’t show it to me! Got a chance to catch a glimpse and there were... HUGE ROCKS in there.”

Dads always know what to say.

“Met a guy on Tinder who apparently lives in my apartment.”

When your dad has a plan:

Inspiration can catch you at any moment.

Language teachers should do a better job.

“I was looking for earrings online and I found this masterpiece.”

“If you have any questions just go here-kitty-kitty and I’ll come to you.”

The end result people dream about:

You don’t expect this from a Band-aid.

Do you have any stories with absolutely unpredictable endings?

Preview photo credit coffee_my_life / Twitter