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13 Toys That Were Meant to Make Kids Happy but Actually Scare Adults

Toy manufacturers seem to believe that people have already grown bored with Barbie dolls and stuffed teddy bears. Their other more unconventional toys are unusual...very unusual. Just take a look at the pony with the head of a man and the water gun in the shape of Batman!

Bright Side compiled toys whose manufacturers went a bit too far with their creativity. Some of them could become good prototypes for the characters in Tim Burton’s movies.

1. Ariel, what happened to you?

2. It’s not even a centaur, it’s something way cooler.

3. “I want to play a game with you.”

4. If you didn’t know how toddlers look, here they are: furry and with claws.

5. Is it a kid? Is it a crab? Nope, it’s something terrifying.

6. Do it yourself!

7. Baby’s baby is pregnant...what?

8. The sponsor of kids’ nightmares

9. “I’m tired of being a cute, fairy creature.”

10. What would happen if Batman changed his profession:

11. Why do you have such big teeth?

12. That’s what “legs for miles” look like.

13. Why the penguin?

Have you ever had a weird toy in your collection? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit XEAM / twitter