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13 Tweets Proving That Female Friendships Are Hilarious

Some people say that female friendship is just a nonaggression pact, and they are firmly convinced that girls can never experience the delights of true friendship.

Bright Side decided to get back at these show-offs and collected 13 tweets proving that women can not only be friends but can also skilfully joke about it.

1. This is called teamwork.

2. When your best friend wants to make sure your first date goes well.

3. Look who’s there!

4. Friendship lvl 80.

5. Love triangle

6. What do you know about self-sacrifice?!

7. Warning: High Voltage!

8. Who’s that? Ah, ok.

9. When you and your BFF noticed a handsome guy in the street and switched to the "maximum spectacularity" mode.

10. No comments. Maybe it’s a special level of friendship.

11. Not only did she not leave her friend behind...she carried her.

12. A new level of care

13. Well, this one is simple: checkmate, guys!

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