14 Amazing Water Sculptures That Take You to Another World

We are often surrounded by things that we were unaware even existed. There are magnificent (under)water sculptures and fountains around the world that are amazing! You can find them everywhere: Easter Island, The Gili Islands, Spain... Just imagine how spectacular they look in turquoise water!

Bright Side has collected photos of water-related sculptures by 6 different artists to show you the beauty of these works. And at the end of the article, there's the cherry on the cake!

Metalmorphosis mirror fountain by David Černý

This is a fountain made by the Czech sculptor David Černý from mirror and stainless steel. Metalmorphosis weighs 14 tons and rotates 360 degrees. You can even view it online.

Location: Charlotte, NC, USA

The Bathers by Oliver Voss

This giant statue is truly impressive. Its name is The Bathers (Die Badende in German). It was designed by Oliver Voss and presented to the public on August 13, 2011.

Location: Binnenalster Lake, Hamburg, Germany

The Guardian by Simon Morris

The purpose of this work, which stands 13 feet tall, is to reflect on the fact that we need to take care of the seas and oceans. There are only 4 such sculptures in the world: one is in the water, and 3 are in private collections.

Location: The Cayman Islands

Moai on Easter Island, Chile

We've all heard about Easter Island, haven't we? There are more than 1,000 ancient sculptures there, and one is even underwater! This sculpture was built around 1400-1650.

Location: Easter Island, Chile

Crossing the Rubicon by Jason Taylor

This British sculptor and defender of nature created an installation of 35 sculptures walking toward a long and high wall between 2 realities with a doorway to the Atlantic Ocean at its center. It symbolizes that nature doesn't recognize any ownership or boundaries, and it reminds us of the necessity to protect the planet and nature before it's too late. Jason Taylor's work can only be seen by divers, but we can enjoy the photos.

Location: Museo Atlantico of Lanzarote, Spain

Human Gyre by Jason Taylor

This stunning work consists of 200 underwater human figures. Again, Jason Taylor is raising the topic of saving the oceans. The statues are made of pH neutral cement and form an artificial reef that is supposed to benefit reproduction of the island's marine fauna.

Location: Museo Atlantico of Lanzarote, Spain

Deregulated by Jason Taylor

This work consists of a playground where businessmen play on a swing and seesaw. The oil pump reference reminds us of the opposition between the harsh world of business and the world of nature.

Location: Museo Atlantico of Lanzarote, Spain

Nest by Jason Taylor

The circular Nest, created from environmental grade concrete, was meant to be the illustration of the circle of life and a place for corals and sponges to flourish. The artist hopes his work will remind viewers of the fragility of the underwater world.

Location: The Gili Islands, Indonesia

The Gardener of Hope by Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor has also created 500 sculptures for the world's first underwater sculpture park — MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte). The sculptures were cast from real people and are now located on the bottom of the seabed.

This very sculpture shows us that hope really can be grown when it is cared for by kind hands.

Location: The waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Punta Nizuc, Mexico

Photo Op by Jason Taylor

The underwater paparazzi take photos of the delicate world that needs our help and protection.

Location: Museo Atlantico of Lanzarote, Spain

The Rising Tide by Jason Taylor

4 horses, whose heads resemble oil spills, with their businessmen riders can be found directly at the lowest point of the Thames. Their essence is to remind us of the importance of the river for the city of London. To see the sculpture from the coastal path, check the times on the site Totally Thames.

Location: London, UK


Digital sculptures by Chad Knight

Chad Knight, a designer at Vans, creates amazing 3D sculptures. They appear to be cosmic creations, and they make everybody look at them again and again.

This one is simply called Blue.

Reconcile reflects on the process of meditation. Just catch the wave, and relax...

The name of this work is Ancient Light. You can look at it eternally, just as you can with all of Chad Knight's works.

Which sculpture and artist did you like the most? Tell us!

Preview photo credit OliverVoss/giantess.wikia.com
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