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14 Awesome Items Whose Inventors Should Get a Nobel Prize

Life is not simple, that’s why designers invent more and more things that make it simpler. Here are 15 inventions that solve many problems and can help you at different moments of your life.

Bright Side shares cool inventions with you that we want to thank their creators for.

14. A car system that won’t let you listen to music until you fasten your seatbelt

13. Wear indicators on tires

12. Corner drawers

11. A vending machine that refunds your money if you didn’t get what you bought.

10. Booths for dogs at a store entrance

9. There is a free cooler of mouthwash in this restroom so you can rinse your mouth after eating.

8. A toilet with doors you don’t need to touch

7. Tires you don’t need to pump

6. A cart in a supermarket where you can transport not only children, but also disabled people.

5. Tags you can put in broken shopping carts to get them fixed

4. Different buttons for medical help and the fire alarm

3. A library with cake pans

2. A bottle of sauce that lets you regulate the spiciness

1. The fence/bench

Which of the inventions impressed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

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