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14 Awkward Shopping Situations That Happen to All of Us

Each human being has a unique personality and forms their perception of the world based on their experience, principles, and beliefs. But when it comes to stores and supermarkets, we all behave the same way.

Bright Side has decided to recollect on some awkward and funny situations that we all get into at stores.

14. When you’ve put your phone in your pocket:

13. When you’re buying something on sale:

12. You always see a former colleague or classmate when you haven’t showered.

11. Guidelines for what to do if you’ve forgotten your wallet:

10. You always hesitate and don’t know whether you should wait for your small amount change or not.

9. If you buy toilet paper or maxi pads, you have to cover them up with something.

8. When you get in line with another customer at the same time:

7. When you’re trying on a puffy jacket and the sales associate is more nervous than you are:

6. When the customer in line right behind you tells you they’ll be right back:

5. Mission: Don’t let the sales associate know you’re broke

4. That awkward moment...

3. When your brain thinks it needs to show security that you can afford more:

2. How to pass by a solicitor correctly? Use someone else as bait.

1. “Prove to them you’re not a thief,” says your brain, when you haven’t bought anything.

Do you have any strange shopping habits? Tell us in the comments.

Illustrated by Igor Polushin for Bright Side
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