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14 Coincidences That Can Make You Believe in Virtually Anything

Coincidences are not random. Otherwise, how can the photos from our compilation be explained? It is interesting to figure out who is responsible for cool coincidences like identical people, mysterious things, and even the dog that is not even a dog.

We at Bright Side know that there are still many things in the world that we cannot explain, and if you have examples like this, share them in the comment section below.

“Who would’ve guessed I’m Cara Delevingne’s dad.”

When cosplay is better than the original:

Let there be light.

The guy is playing for both teams, and watching it from the grandstand.

In any sport, accuracy is key.

It’s hard to stop looking at this photo.

A glitch in the Matrix?

This cowboy from a 1993 book has the same clothes as Woody from the 1995 Toy Story.

Do you see the square, too?

Same stadium, same teams, same score, same red card, same stoppage time added

“I love watching films about myself.”

“Went on vacation with my dog and happened to bump into his full brother while on a walk. Both from a breeder in Birmingham UK, met in the Lake District, both on vacation from their respective homes from different areas of the UK.”

Can this dog read?


Are these photo dark magic or just coincidences?

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