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14 Cool Tattoos With a Whole Story Behind Them

Sometimes people get tattoos not to beautify themselves, but in order to remember something important. A little delicate flower on someone's wrist can be the symbol of a victory over a fatal illness. A couple of words written in bad handwriting may be tattooed in memory of a father who passed away. Look at these tattoos full of hidden meaning and feel sad or smile together with us.

Bright Side put together a collection of photos where every tattoo has a whole story behind it.

"I've turned an ugly shoulder scar into a part of a cool tattoo."

"I got a picture my daughter drew tattooed on my arm. She didn’t think I’d do it."

"I was at a party, got drunk, and asked one guy to do a "neck tattoo" for me. I woke up with this. Instead of a tattoo on my neck, he gave me a tattoo of my neck! Give me my 17 bucks back, weirdo!"

"This woman lost everything in a hurricane. She set a goal of rebuilding the home she lost and tattooed the plans on her hands as a daily reminder while she works three jobs to achieve her dream."

"I'm glad that the tattoo artist finally understood what I wanted. Here's my sketch and the final result."

"I got this tattoo to support my wife's fight with depression."

"I got my dad's last handprint tattooed on my back."

"I got this tattoo after my son's heart transplant went well."

"I got this dragon tattoo after quitting heroin in 2011. I'm staying clean and super happy I finally did it."

"My dad passed away a week ago, my sister and I got tattoos in our hometown to honor him."

"My first tattoo had to be a sentimental one, my mom's favorite saying to me "You'll be alright" in her handwriting!"

"Tribute to a friend who died in a car crash and was on his way to a brilliant racing career."

Why not turn an ugly birthmark into a funny tattoo?

A Swedish woman changed her son's name from Kevin to Kelvin after the tattoo artist made a mistake and inserted "L" into her son's name."

Bonus: Benjamin Lloyd, an artist from New Zealand, draws temporary tattoos to cheer up the kids that stay in hospitals.

Are you brave enough for a tattoo?

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