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14 Cool Things You Can Find Without Going to the Store


According to World Bank researchers, the world generates at least 3.5 million tons of solid waste a day. If we don’t change anything, according to experts, by the end of this century this number will be 11 million tons. It is our consumption that is to blame. And what’s good is that more and more people and different companies are coming to the realization about the scale of the problem and are trying to cut down the amount of their waste. They don’t throw away useless things, but instead, they give them a second life and others stop using disposable things and plastic.

We at Bright Side were inspired by the internet users who are showing to the world that any of us can help to preserve nature.

“My wife turned this old industrial wire whisk for an old mixer into a light in our kitchen.”

“This year I decided to not buy an $80 Christmas tree, but instead made my own from branches from my backyard.”

“Just finished a HUGE duffle bag made of old jean legs.”

The person who took this picture comes to cafes with his own straw that he reuses many times.

“Found an old bookcase in the dumpster. A quick coat of non-toxic paint, some soil, some seeds, and old paint sticks for labels. I now have my own patio veggie garden.”

“I just finished making my first set of these reusable cotton pads after being inspired by other people. I used old children’s pajamas. I didn’t expect how much I’d love using them!”

“I switched to cotton towels for ‘paper towel’ replacement.”

“For the second year, I wrapped all my gifts in reused fabric.”

“I upcycled an old handbag into shoes for my toddler!”

“Used old cardboard jewelry boxes to make a bead organizer. I really did not want to buy a plastic organizer.”

“A coconut repurposed as a salt container that has been in my family for over 20 years”

“Grateful that my mom convinced me she could turn my grandmother’s old gothic furniture into something more modern and functional.”

“My mom got 2 of these stained glass windows from her parents’ house. They were too pretty to let go!”

“I love my €2 souvenir from Cadaques, Spain. I saved this Font Vella glass water bottle from dinner while on vacation, flew thousands of miles home with it, and turned it into my bathroom hand soap dispenser.”

Show us pictures of cool things you’ve managed to give a second life to!

Preview photo credit MarsNirgal / reddit