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14 Epic Situations When Everything Went Wrong

All of us must have been in situations we hope no one will ever find out about. The people from this compilation were not as lucky, however, so we have the chance to laugh at what happened. For example, you will see what it means to have really bad tickets to a basketball game or what happens when you use something different to take a selfie.

Bright Side is sure this won’t happen to us, and if it does, we will be able to laugh about it.

14. Wrong card, wrong room.

13. Someone, please, tell them it’s not the phone they need.

12. Only cats can look so confident in such a situation...

11. “Thanks, I was going to paint my bicycle anyway.”

10. This horrible cardboard cutout:

9. A perfect gift for an enemy

8. “I don’t think they thought this one through...”

7. When you have what is truly the worst seat:

6. This is a nightmare for anyone who owns a house:

5. A nice way to survive in hot weather

4. A queen bee got trapped in the back of a car, so her devoted hive (20,000 bees) chased the vehicle the entire day!

3. “There is a problem with your license plate.”

2. This is so cute:

1. This McDonalds sign only has one arch:

Which of these situations seemed the funniest to you? Tell us in the comments section below!

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