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14 Guys Whose Parodies on Girls’ Instagram Shots Deserve a Big Round of Applause

From the “hot dog legs” shots to the candid “walking away from the camera” shot, we are all guilty of falling for these cliché Instagram poses. While some think that these are cool, many others consider them annoying. Whatever your opinion is, when the opposite sex parodies them, these cliché shots take a whole new hilarious turn.

After stumbling upon many of these photos on Instagram, Bright Side decided to compile some of the funniest ones for you. Keep scrolling and keep smiling.

1. Don’t hate us cuz you ain’t us.

2. Oh my gah, Benny, look at that ring.

3. About to get in the car, I swear.

4. Before the big day, might delete l8r.

5. My reason for living is finally here #ButFirstHocus.

6. Being late is always an option.

7. Not just Colgate, Lays gives you sparkling white teeth too.

8. Work hard, vacation harder.

9. Feeling happy!

10. Gypsy spirit with a mermaid soul. Feeling so blessed to start the week.

11. Not all who wander are lost. #togetherforlife

12. After a hard day’s work... #relax #exfoliating

13. Long hair don’t care.

14. Spa Days with Spa Baes...

Which parodied photograph did you find the funniest? There are so many more clichéd poses, and you might as well have yourself photographed in them and share them with us in the comments. We can all have a good laugh together.

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