14 Hollywood Stars Who Almost Won the Roles of Legendary Characters

It's impossible to imagine some movie characters played by different actors. But it takes only one moment in a casting session, a slight change in the director's mood, or simply an accident! And then we would have been applauding other actors!

Bright Side decided to imagine what these 14 famous characters would look like if they had been played by other actors.

David Bowie as Elrond

David Bowie himself had the idea of playing the elf lord Elrond in The Lord of the Rings, but the director, Peter Jackson, thought that the role of Gandalf would be more fitting for him. Unfortunately, the musician could not take part in the filming process because of a very tight schedule.

Dustin Hoffman as Rick Deckard

Dustin Hoffman was one step away from the main role in Blade Runner, but he fought with The Ladd Company. They didn't want to take the actor's view of the character into account. Hoffman thought it would be best to make the character more grim and angry.

Christopher Walken as Han Solo

It's almost impossible to imagine anyone else playing the role of Han Solo except for Harrison Ford. And what's curious is that George Lucas pictured different actors in this role. And the most probable choice was Christopher Walken, but the director simply changed his mind at the very last moment.

David Schwimmer as Agent J

The actor was offered the role of the partner of an experienced alien invasion fighter. But David refused to take the role because he thought he would look too insignificant compared to his older colleague on the set. We'll never know how Schwimmer would have looked, but what we do know is that Will Smith looks great in this role.

Kristen Stewart as Diana

Despite the fact that Stewart has acted in a few movies about fantasy heroes, she turned down the role of Wonder Woman. Maybe it was because she loves having short hair and doesn't like wearing wigs (she had to use one while shooting Twilight)?

Ryan Gosling as Joker

Gosling wanted to play the dangerous Joker in Suicide Squad but refused at the very last moment because he had to agree to act in the next movies as well. He probably wasn't ready to commit to that.

Tom Cruise as Steve Jobs

The creators of the movie were divided into 2 groups: some of them thought that Tom Cruise was one of the best candidates, and others did not agree because of his age. So Michael Fassbender won the role, and, honestly, we think he looks much more like the founder of Apple.

Tobey Maguire as Bilbo Baggins

One of the candidates for the role was ex-Spider-Man Tobey Maguire. But Peter Jackson thought that Martin Freeman was the only possible choice for the role of Bilbo Baggins, so he turned down all the other actors.

Angelina Jolie as Velma Kelly

The role of Velma Kelly was the reason why Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones don't really get along well even today. Catherine Zeta-Jones won the desired role, and, in addition, she also won an Oscar for best supporting actress.

Kate Winslet as Bridget Jones

Kate couldn't play the role of the charming plump lady because she was a little bit too young for it. The actress was only 26, and Bridget was supposed to be older than 30. In the end, Renée Zellweger got the role, and the viewers were quite happy with that.

Lindsay Lohan as Alice

The role of young Alice could have been played by Amanda Seyfried and even by Lindsay Lohan. It's hard to imagine the latter in this role because she has always played explosive and naughty girls. So the actress didn't have a chance to try herself in a new role. Mia Wasikowska got the role 4 months before filming began.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jordan Belfort

Captain America's Chris Evans and Snowden's Joseph Gordon-Levitt wanted to get the role of the scandalous lead in The Wolf of Wall Street. But they were not very successful in the audition, and DiCaprio got this role. He met the real Jordan Belfort during the filming process, and he knew a lot about his life.

Jeremy Renner as Mad Max

Tom Hardy had very strong competition on set because another candidate for the role was Jeremy Renner. You probably know him from The Avengers, in which he played Hawkeye. But Tom Hardy got the role and played it very successfully.

Samuel L. Jackson as Hugh Glass

Park Chan-wook was supposed to be the director of the movie in the beginning, and he could only imagine Samuel L. Jackson in this role. But the director left the project, and the main role was given to DiCaprio. Leo turned down other big projects for this role, and this was the right decision — he finally got his Oscar.

Do you think you would still enjoy these movies as much if these actors had played the roles? Tell us in the comment section below!

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