14 Incredible Photos Showing How Much the World Has Changed in 100 Years

Life changes every day. Something disappears into the past, freeing the path for something new. You can't always keep up with the pace of change.

Bright Side has picked out a few photographs that remind us just how much the world has changed over the past century. It's almost impossible to imagine what things were like all those years ago.

1. Сheap horses and expensive cars.

Inexpensive cars and very expensive horses.

2. A dangerous toy for daredevils.

A comfortable and safe method of transportation.

3. To call a different country, you have to rent a phone booth.

Virtual meetings with people in any country, without leaving your room.

4. Most people, like O'Henry, don't reach 48.

Life only begins at 50.

5. The discovery of penicillin and the start of the era of antibiotics.

Organs can be 3D printed in the era of genetic engineering.

6. Alternating current is a dangerous toy of Nikola Tesla.

The foundation of modern urban life.

7. Bathing once a week with boric acid instead of shampoo.

Daily showers and hundreds of washing products.

8. London to New York in 5 days.

London to New York in 6 hours.

9. One song on a huge plastic gramophone record.

All the world's music on a tiny player.

10. Gasoline is sold in drugstores and shops.

Solar energy and electric batteries.

11. John Rockefeller

Richard Branson and another 1,809 billionaires.

12. Child labor is the norm. Education is for the rich.

Child labor is banned. Education for all.

13. Women in overly revealing swimsuits.

A woman in an ordinary swimsuit.

14. 100 years ago.


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