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14 Moving Photos That Show Precious Moments of Happiness

Life is full of events that can not only move us, but even people who don’t know us at all. We feel so good when we see a man who finds out he’ll be a grandfather, an elderly woman who high-fives marathon runners, and other people like that.

The Bright Side team has prepared a list of 14 touching moments from the lives of different people. You are very likely to experience the same emotions when you look at these photos.

1. A soldier returns from the military to his pregnant wife.

2. “My wife (32), 5 months after finishing her harshest rounds of chemotherapy.”

3. “My sister is 18 years old and today was the first time she read a restaurant menu by herself.”

4. “Dad finds out he is going to be grandfather for the first time.”

5. This is what pure happiness looks like.

6. A biker makes a kid feel just a little bit cooler.

7. This woman gives a cup of tea to a window washer.

8. An old lady gives high-5 at marathons.

9. “Kitty rescue. She just chilled on my neck and shoulders as I’d walk around.”

10. A soldier breaks down after his girlfriend surprises him by visiting him on his birthday.

11. Removing metal wire around a stray dog’s neck

12. A JPL engineer reacts as NASA’s InSight spacecraft lands on Mars.

13. This father gets emotional seeing his son score for the first time.

14. “My grandpa just got a new dog and had his caregiver take pictures of him to send to me.”

Which of the photos did you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

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