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14 People Who Are Having a Very Terrible Day

Do you know people who break their arms and just say, “Thank God, I didn’t break my neck”? They are also the ones who post photos of their misfortunes so that other people can laugh at them. And we think that they are a great example of how we should treat our own problems.

Bright Side has collected photos of some of the biggest optimists on the internet and gives you a chance to laugh together with them.

At least someone is having fun here.

Candles are not always romantic.

Surf the web or the ocean?

“My buddy traveled across the country to visit me last weekend. Unfortunately, he got stuck in his hotel shower for 3 hours.”

When the crash steals your face:

“My fortune cookie had no fortune.”

“Delaying the inevitable”

“We live on a ranch and my kids have a bad habit of leaving the front door open.”

“They look dry enough.”

“I just wanted a midnight snack... Here’s what I got.”

“My Halloween decorations got eaten by a moose this morning.”

“Here’s what happens when your mother loves pressing random buttons in a new car.”

“My cat is grounded indefinitely.”

“I am not a smart man.”

Do you have the ability to not take problems seriously? Tell us in the comment section below!

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