14 People Who Aren’t Afraid to Laugh at Themselves

Self-confident people don’t really worry what others might think of them, and they don’t try to show themselves in the best light. They accept themselves as they are and they can easily laugh at themselves. This healthy ability helps them to stay positive, even if there’s too much work, an unpleasant medical procedure awaits them the following day, or they are tired as hell.

At Bright Side, we are truly inspired by people who are capable of self-mockery, just like the heroes of this article.

1. “I’m standing in line at the post office and suddenly see this scale...”

2. “I have colonoscopy tomorrow. Rate my setup.”

3. This guy is really cool!

4. There’s definitely food for thought in it.

5. “I met my upper half tonight.”

6. “My brother (6’6”) recently moved to Lithuania. My mother asked that he send a picture that was ’undeniably him in Europe’ and this is what she received."

7. “My nan and granddad dressed up as snowmen. I can’t breathe, they look terrifying.”

8. This child isn’t really optimistic about his future.

9. This girl knows her worth.

10. “I learned how to say ‘Hi’ with tangerines.”

11. Perfect sense of humor

12. “I’m 6 months pregnant, but I didn’t want to do one of the standard pregnancy costumes.”

13. “My Japanese friend found a game about himself in a shop in the Netherlands.”

14. And towels with unicorns please!

Which picture did you find the funniest? Or maybe you’d like to share some of own your self-depreciating photos? You’re welcome to share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Tasumori / twitter
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