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14 People Who Said Goodbye in the Most Epic Way

People around the world have different ways of paying their last respects - for example, in Bali they throw a big party and celebrate! While people from all different corners of the earth lose loved ones, there are some people that choose to send them off with a bang.

At Bright Side, we admire people who prevail over life's hardships and we can't help but hold on to these sweet funeral stories with a smile. We've collected our favorites and can't wait to share them with you.

14. My grandfather opened the first Dairy Queen in my hometown. This was one of his flower arrangements at his funeral:

13. My grandmother's quilts draped over the pews at her funeral:

12. It was my big brother's funeral yesterday. His passion in life was gaming, so this is the flower arrangement I had made for him:

11. Brayden Denton gets a hero's funeral.

10. A funeral procession for the fallen Dallas police officers.

9. Stray dogs randomly showed up to a funeral of a lady that had been feeding them.

8. "The young daughter of a UPS worker passed away last week in my small town. His coworkers showed up to support their friend at the funeral."

7. A Cinderella / Startroopers goodbye.

6. "For his funeral, my grandpa wanted to be on his tractor."

5. Scottish funerals are so... Scottish.

4. Princesses at a 9-year-old's funeral.

3. "A bagpiper at my grandpa's funeral."

2. "I buried my dad today. He worked for Mississippi Power for over 30 years, so they sent bucket trucks to his funeral."

1. "My father had requested a Viking funeral. I honored his request by making the boat myself. I set his ashes in it and said goodbye."

We hope this list brought warmth to your hearts, just as the people in these photos had intended. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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