14 Photos That Are a Clear Illustration of Just How Much We’ve Changed in 20 Years

It is scary to think that very soon, people that were born in 2000 will turn 20 years old. But it’s not just children that change with age: so does the planet, technology, and even us. The stars wear simpler clothes now, women don’t go to tanning salons as much anymore, and tattoos are popular — not just with prisoners.

We at Bright Side are amazed at how fast the flow of time is and we want to share some of the evidence with you.

1. Rich people don’t show that they are rich anymore.

2. Nobody wants to show their belly today.

3. Women wear more natural makeup.

4. Some scary subcultures have disappeared.

5. Technology has taken such a big step forward, that scientists have been able to take a picture of Pluto with all of its craters.

6. It has become much harder for fans to get close to their idols.

7. Cats can’t sleep on TVs anymore.

8. In Iceland, a 700-year-old glacier melted. The local people even organized a funeral.

9. Today, it is not that hard to show a dragon in a film.

10. Women’s eyebrows have become much wider

11. People in colorful sportswear don’t do exercises on TV anymore.

12. Monocycles don’t have seats and pedals.

13. Very different people have tattoos now.

14. Tanning salons are not trendy anymore.

What would you add to our compilation?

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