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14 Photos That Show the Other Side of the World

When we start thinking that we’ve seen everything, we often stumble on something that can really make us exclaim, “Wow!” As a rule, it’s a human being who turns out to be the creator of the masterpiece. In this article, we’ve collected several interesting items like a QR Code on a stone and many other amazing things.

Bright Side is sure that there are still many items in the world that can impress us. What do you think?

The patterns on ventilation grills in new Swedish trains

The painting says “Closed.”

Anti-vandalism level: 100

Toilet paper that helps you study English

Electric candles in a Catholic church

Are you fond of constructing? Still don’t know what to do with those Lego leftovers?

This food court at a mall in Rhodes (Sydney, AU) offers bubble wrap and a furry wall to relieve stress.

“This QR code is etched into a rock along a forest trail in my city.”

How the power lines at Lake Pontchartrain (Louisiana, USA) simply and clearly show the curvature of the Earth

A stone before and after polishing

Peace and tranquility

An eco-friendly car?

Here’s what potato chip bags look like at a store located at 7,380 feet elevation.

And this is what $1 million in $10 bills looks like.

We’re sure the world can surprise us even more! Do you have any interesting photos? Share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Mass1m01973 / reddit
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