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14 Photos That Work Better Than Any Antidepressant

If you’re tired and want to run away from your everyday routine and laugh at weird and funny coincidences and other interesting things, this article is just what you need. Take a look at a tidy cactus or a flower that wants to escape.

Bright Side has collected the best pictures that can make you feel way better than any prescribed medication. Let’s enjoy them together!

Who’s the predator?

This rock ’n’ roll baby

When a cactus is tired of dirty windows:

Such an unusual lamp! But wait...

This living broom...

When you’re a plumber, an electrician, and an artist:

Wasted love

This flower wants to escape.

Great cosplay!

When different centuries meet:

“My cactus looks like a dinosaur trying to escape its cup.”


We hope this car doesn’t cause accidents.

Perfect disguise!

Did we manage to cheer you up? Tell us which picture was your favorite.

Preview photo credit supercash4you / reddit
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