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14 Phrases That I Desperately Wanted to Hear From My Loved Ones but Never Did, and I Want to Say Them to You

No matter how strong a person is, they always want to hear the words of support from their loved ones. Unfortunately, sometimes our relatives and friends aren’t aware of what kind of words we expect to hear from them. A Twitter user named Zeka Spiewanka decided to write down the phrases that she wanted to hear from her relatives and friends, and it’s worth remembering them.

At Bright Side, we read this thread and printed it out. Now we’re going to pay more attention to the problems and cares of our loved ones.

  • It won’t be easier for us without you. You’re not a problem like the squirrel from Ice Age that destroys everything. You’re not a mistake. We need you, and we don’t want you to leave.
  • You don’t need to break your neck to be liked by others. There are thousands of people in this world who will find you interesting and attractive. Don’t waste your time on those who don’t see it in you.
  • If someone doesn’t love you, you can’t do anything about it except for accepting this fact and finding someone who will. It is pointless to prove that you are worth their love. Save your nerves.
  • All your efforts deserve gratitude. You don’t need people who can’t say, “thank you” to you and who take your help and support for granted.
  • No one is going to be disappointed in you if you can’t make it perfect. No one is going to be disappointed in you if you can’t make it at all. You’re not a machine that has to fulfill everyone’s wishes.
  • If your relationship needs to be saved, in the majority of cases, it means that there is no point in saving it. Don’t waste your time by fixing your house that falls apart with duct tape. Build a new one.
  • If you feel bad, you must do something about it. Don’t endure it until it becomes so bad that you’ll need to scream for help. You don’t need to wait to ask from someone’s help.
  • You won’t fall in someone’s estimation if you can’t cope with something by yourself. You don’t need to carry loads all by yourself. You don’t need to be responsible for others either.
  • I’m always with you, even if I’m angry, even if you’re mistaken. I’m not going to leave you because of that.
  • I’m not here to judge you, I just want to be by your side and help you to get through it.

It seems that there is nothing difficult about saying these words. But for some reason, we don’t hear or say them often. Do you know why? Tell us your thoughts!