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14 Powerful Photos That Seem Ordinary Until You Read the Story Behind Them

Sometimes, even the most ordinary photo can surprise and move us because there is an unusual story behind it. You will see these photos in this compilation. Look at a 100-year-old man, at a nurse who realized that her colleague is a baby she saved, a snowman in September, and we’re sure that your mood will become much better.

Bright Side has collected photos that don’t seem very special until you find out the story behind them.

“A US nurse discovered that a doctor she works with was a premature baby she cared for 28 years ago.”

“My Grandpa turned 100 last week. He stayed up until midnight to see off the last century on his flip phone.”

One spring, storks came to Bulgaria and when it became cold there, they started dying. Safet Halid took the birds into his home and fed them until it became warmer.

A doctor made a special schedule of taking pills for a patient who can’t read.

“To the stranger who noticed my open sunroof during a thunderstorm...”

A 19-year-old girl from Moscow became the best welder in Russia.

“Ellie Mae helps my anxiety by placing her throat over my ear so I can hear her breathing. It calms me like nothing else and means fewer meds!”

An old lady sent this package with a strange address, but mail employees managed to find the recipient via Facebook.

“This morning my 26-year-old son fought autism and finally got his driver’s license.”

Artist Valeriy Ermakov is a huge fan of Greek mythology but he had never been abroad. When internet users found out about this, it took them just 3 hours to collect enough money for a trip to Greece and help him with his documents.

“My son’s friend almost died from lung cancer but fought it. He has no fat on his body at all. Today is his first workout.”

Instead of cutting down the tree, they built around it.

On September 4th in Khakassia people are already building snowmen.

A fireman gave a dog mouth-to-mouth and saved its life.

Bonus: “My friend’s dog made a new friend at the beach today.”

Which photo impressed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

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