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14 Proofs That Adult Man Is a Myth

Men seem to be very serious creatures: they wear suits and ties, solve important issues, run large companies, and lead entire countries. Yet at the same time, they manage to keep a childlike directness.

Bright Side shares these photos to show that adult men simply don’t exist. These guys disguise damn well!

Here’s how I will entertain myself when I’m old.

The way my father pretends to be dead to frighten our neighbors.

He seems to be more entertained playing with children than with adults.

You’re going shopping again? Well, I’ll wait for you here and take a ride.

Shopping with a boyfriend is so much fun.

Dad helped his daughter make pastries for kindergarten. Guess which one he made.

Dad’s looking for adventures as before, but the swing can’t stand it any longer.

How much joy is in these eyes!

This guy’s girlfriend was taking too long to get ready, and he turned into Hachi.

An air guitar solo is relevant at any age.

Sometimes I think my boyfriend loves pizza more than me.

All right, son, you’ve already had a ride! Now it’s my turn.

My wife said my friends and I should get out more.

Our flight was delayed for 12 hours, and my boyfriend disappeared somewhere. I found him watching a Pixar marathon among 5-year-old children.

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