14 Stores Where Every Last Detail Is Designed for Customers

While some shops are striving to outdo each other with various discounts and special offers, others try to make shopping easier for their customers. After all, that is what defines our positive impression and makes us return to a shop more than once.

Bright Side pays homage to 14 stores that showed they really care for their clientele.

1. Talking baskets

This Korean store has solved the eternal problem of having to interact with sales assistants. The baskets clearly let them know if you need their help or not.

2. Reduced prices for "unattractive" fruit

This store has discounts for unpresentable produce that usually stays on the shelves and then gets thrown away. 2 problems are solved at once: good food doesn’t get dumped, and customers save money.

3. Tags for broken carts

This store uses special tags to tell the staff that a cart has wobbly wheels and it’s time to repair it.

4. Free fruit for kids

This supermarket in New Zealand offers children free healthy snacks while their parents are shopping. Both parties must feel quite satisfied!

5. Caring about children

This electronics store in Germany doesn’t turn on their game consoles before 2 p.m. so that the local children don’t skip classes to test video games.

6. Carts with phone chargers

We don’t leave our homes without our smartphones these days, but sometimes we forget to take a charger. This Israeli store has solved this problem and equipped all their carts with phone chargers.

7. Smart carts

To relieve shoppers from the necessity of wandering through all the departments in search of the item they need, this store has made carts that tell you the exact aisle and shelf where you can find each item.

8. Escalator for carts

This department store has escalators not just for people but also for carts, so you can move between floors easily when shopping.

9. Balls for shoplifters

These orange balls on the counter contain bright paint. If a shoplifter attacks, the cashier throws the ball at the perpetrator so the police can easily identify them. Staff members in shops are even given training on how to throw them effectively.

10. Sorting frozen items separately

In this store, cold and frozen items are put into blue bags separately from others so that customers can put them away first when they start sorting their purchases at home.

11. Carts with magnifying glasses

The most important information on packaging is often given in tiny print. To make reading it easier, this German drugstore equipped its carts with magnifying glasses.

12. Cupholders in carts

Craft beer buyers in this store are given cupholders that can be attached to carts.

13. Carts for dog owners

Don’t want to leave your dog at the entrance to the shop? Not to worry: in this store in Italy, you can take a special cart with a seat for your pet.

14. Winter simulator

When buying winter clothing, we often ask ourselves if it’ll be warm enough. This store has solved the problem: they created a booth where you can test out your outerwear at low temperatures.

Bonus: Learn how to dance while waiting in line

Standing in line isn’t the most enjoyable occupation, so why not take advantage of this time and spend it on something useful – like learning to waltz?

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