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14 Stories From Those Who Met Their Fate

14 Stories From Those Who Met Their Fate

Love is mysterious: it can kindle on a very first date or smolder for years to later become a bright fire. Yet in every relationship, there's a moment of understanding that you want to spend all your life with this person.

Bright Side overheard the most sincere stories about how people understood their relationships were the one.

  • When I was 16 years old, Dad left the family, we moved to another city, and I went to a new school. I was stressed because of my parents' divorce, and I completely stopped talking. When I got to my new class, a boy fell in love with me, and I wrote him a note about my problem. He didn't give up, signed us up to a literary group, and did everything to make me forget about my stress. When we turned 18, he proposed to me, and I said "yes" on my own. We've been married for 5 years, have a 2-year-old son, and we often sing and play the guitar.
  • The man I love declared his feelings to me. Everything changed at once: I want to work, do things, travel...even clean up and wash the dishes. And I want to live. Live my life for real. Bite a soft juicy peach, and let the juice flow down my cheeks. As if I realized the meaning of it. As if I got something precious and important. This feels so unusual.
  • My boyfriend lives 2,000 km from me, a 2-day ride. A week ago, I didn't answer calls or texts (I was sleeping). The next night, my man rang my doorbell. He was afraid that something had happened to me.
  • Only recently have I finally realized how much he loves me.
    My man cannot stand sewing, but seeing how tired I was after working without days off, he hemmed a dress for my company party. He was so focused, sticking out his tongue because of tension, and mumbling something to himself, like a seamster.
  • My girlfriend snores like a drunken sailor. It's always hard to fall asleep. Yet when she went to her mother's for a week, I realized I missed her snoring...and couldn't get enough sleep. On the weekend I went to see her and had a good sleep.
  • Woman, 21. I've been extremely lazy my whole life. I've always quarreled with my parents because of my laziness. I've never cooked and never cleaned up. I've always got out of bed, followed by their cries, and set myself to domestic duties with tears. Last year I fell in love. And, voila! I easily get up in the morning, flit around the apartment, cook tasty hot meals with good mood and song, keep our home clean, iron and do laundry. My parents are happy and pray that he'll propose.
  • I broke up with my first boyfriend because I didn't cook 3-course meals; with the second because I didn't help his mom pick up strawberries, no matter that I was allergic to them. I recently moved in with a friend from my youth, and we're now planning our wedding. Sometimes I come home from work after 10 p.m. The house is clean, dinner is hot, he's making tea. And no matter how lazy I am, I want to cook 3 dishes and go to his parents' to pick berries.
  • My normal temperature is very high, and my palms sweat heavily. I've always been shy about this. I wanted the ground to swallow me up when I was told, "Your hands are too wet." Yet my boyfriend on our first date said that, as mentioned in Romeo and Juliet, hot and wet hands are a sign of sensuality, and he really likes it.
  • Sometimes my husband talks in his sleep. One evening I was reading a book in our bed. My husband had already fallen asleep, and then I heard that he was having a fun dialogue with someone: "I love her so much. I wish everyone had a wife like mine...but don't even look at her!" I guess my marriage is successful.
  • I've been afraid of spiders since the moment my stepfather locked me in the basement, and this stuff was crawling along the walls and me. My friends and ex-girlfriend laughed at me. I was angry with myself, so I wanted to get rid of it, but I failed. It annoyed me until I met another girl and confessed I had a phobia. Now she catches the spiders I see on the walls and calms me down, and I think where to hide the ring so she won't find it too early.
  • I'm notebook-philic: I adore paper stationery in all its manifestations, but I feel the greatest passion for 48-sheet spiral checkered notebooks. There must be a perfect design outside and inside. Each time, when choosing a new favorite, I count the sheets because I'm afraid it's not "innocent." My girlfriend caught me doing this. I explained everything, and she calmly replied that she liked pencils. As a result, we stayed in a stationery shop for an hour and a half. Love her. And notebooks.
  • I'm on a diet. There's nothing but rice left at home. I called my beloved at midnight (we live separately) to say I was dying of hunger and couldn't fall asleep. He coldly responded that he had to get up early the next day, so he couldn't talk. In 30 minutes he brought me a piece of pie, sandwiches, and scolded me about dieting.
  • I'm obsessed with spelling and grammar. One day I argued with a guy writing as if he had never seen an English language textbook. It turned out that he was also obsessed but with mathematics. We insulted and kidded each other for years. As a result, we agreed to tutor each other. Well, that's how it started. We've been dating for four years, and recently he proposed.
  • I have jet-black hair and very pale skin. If I paint my eyes brightly, I look like a witch. Once I was on the subway. An old lady came in, looked at me, and started crossing herself. I decided to joke and started pretending I was doing magic with my hands. The guy who sat next to me understood and began to tremble and roll his eyes, saying that something was getting into him. The lady was shocked, I could barely hold back laughter, and people all around were snickering. The guy ran after me at my station. We've been married for five years, and the first drink at the wedding was in honor of a superstitious lady in the subway!
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