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14 Things That Are Surprisingly Cheaper Than an iPhone X

The new iPhone X has totally conquered the internet. Some search for ways to earn $1,000 right away, while some cannot get over the shock. Others suggest new ways to spend this money more wisely.

The Bright Side team created our own list of things one could buy instead of a brand-new iPhone. Let the party begin!

$582 — Create a mini gym at home

Yes, a real home gym. Come on, don’t pretend you’ve never wanted one.

If you like working out, a home gym with a treadmill, multi-exercise weight bench, stability ball, ab wheel, and various types of bells will cost you only half of a new smartphone. Isn’t it cool?

$700 — 10 days at Disneyland

With $350 for a 5-day Park Hopper ticket, you can buy 2 and spend 10 days at Disneyland, or you can bring your beloved with you for 5 days.

The price includes a Magic Morning, so you’ll be able to visit a park before it officially opens. Oh, and you’ll have $299 left for food and entertainment.

$775 — Tiffany diamond ring

No, it’s not a mistake. You can buy a real Tiffany platinum ring for less than $800. Do you know a woman who’d refuse to own one? We don’t.

$800 — Corgi

$1,000 can buy you a new phone...or a devoted friend. Of course, depending on the breed purity, pedigree, and coloring, a puppy may cost you up to $3,000. Yet if you want a friend, not a show dog, $800 will be enough. Think about it.

$840 — Monthly car payments or 2 years of utility bills

Spending your salary on bills is always a pain. All those things you could’ve had instead... But wait, are you sure you need a cell phone if the same amount could buy you 2 years of freedom from this?

$889 — 7-night Eastern Caribbean trip

Are you tired of the daily routine and fuss of a big city? Well, you could spend a gorgeous week cruising through the Caribbean, lying on beautiful beaches, enjoying spa services, eating delicious food, and absorbing the sun’s energy to return back home with new impressions and emotions.

$990.75 — 75 Margheritas

At an average price of $13.21, you can buy 75 Margherita pizzas, which means 600 slices. Ask someone to buy enough soda, and you can have a movie month!

$997.36 — 6,552 Oreo cookies

At $5.48 per pack, you’ll have 182 of them. If you have children, they will be the happiest kids in the whole world. If not, we hope you like dipping Oreos in milk for breakfast.

$997.50 — 190 Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes

With $5.25 for a venti, you can buy 190 Starbucks cups of the fall hit: pumpkin spice latte. Yet we don’t think you could drink this much until December, so you’ll have several hundred dollars left for other enjoyable things.

$998.40 — 312 Bud beers

Not that we recommend drinking that much, but at an average price of $3.20, you could buy 312 bottles of beer. Seems enough for a celebration in a village. Cheers!

$998.66 — Connect a village

Have you ever thought about it? $1,000 can connect 299 people. They would be able to enjoy a simple thing we take for granted: talking to their nearest and dearest at any time. Who could imagine that making people happy is so easy?

$998.92 — 113 movie tickets

Movie tickets are costly. Of course, we can always watch movies online, but big screens have a special atmosphere. Want a yearlong movie marathon? You know what to do.

$999 — Car

Even used, a car is a great investment. A brand new iPhone X could buy you one, and there are plenty of options. Do you like comfort?

$999 — 1,425 KFC hot wings

That’s 71 20-piece boxes and one 5-piece box. It’s approximately 3 months of eating only hot wings. Am I in heaven? Yummy!

So what’s your choice? An iPhone? A cruise? Some chicken wings? Share it with us!

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