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14 Times Photoshop Battles Went Wild and Added a New Layer of Creativity

Photoshop is a special sort of magic where a regular girl can become Iron Man and a dog can start singing like a pop star. Professionals of this art sometimes turn a simple photo into a masterpiece just by adding a couple of simple details.


We at Bright Side are amused by Photoshop battles and would like to share 14 creations that were made with the power of photo editing.

1. “Constant companion”

2. “Houston, we have a problem.”

3. Super baby


4. “Professional fetch”

5. “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

6. The cutest car


7. Doggy duet

8. A cover for a David Bowie record


9. A new logo for Puma

10. This kitty has some superpowers.

11. “I’m watching you, Wazowski.”

12. Captain Fluffy Paws

13. A levitating dog

14. Maleficent cat

How often do you use Photoshop for your photos? Do you have any funny creations of your own? Please share them with us!

Preview photo credit duveral/reddit, DoofusMagnus/reddit