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14 Tireless Neighbors That Just Don’t Know How to Be Boring

We can’t choose our neighbors. Since the moment you move into your house and until you leave it, they are with you. And it’s good if your neighbors are nice people because, in many cases, it’s the opposite. But this makes things even more interesting.

Bright Side just couldn’t ignore these 14 internet users who got very different kinds of neighbors.

1. “My neighbors built a deck that looks directly into my bedroom.”

2. “My neighbor made a snow dinosaur.”

3. This is how you surprise your neighbors in the morning.

4. “My neighbors are big fans of Luna!”

5. People on the internet can’t give bad advice, right?

6. When your neighbor’s cat is determined to find you anywhere:

7. “What happens if my neighbor uses the longest possible drill out there?”

8. “My neighbor’s dog spies on me.”

9. “My neighbor just walked to my other neighbors house, did THIS, and left.”

10. “My neighbor’s cat visits every day at the same hour.”

11. A gift from your neighbors that you won’t forget!

12. “I meowed at our neighbor’s cat once and now it regularly comes up to our door and just watches us live our lives.”

13. And the Best Mother Award goes to...

14. “My neighbor’s cat, Rufus, likes to nap at my house with his teeth and tongue out!”

Bonus: The kind of neighbors we deserve

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