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14 Trolls Who Wouldn’t Miss a Chance to Show Their Skills

If it were not for jokes or pranks, life would have been so much more boring. And it’s not only about fun, sometimes it’s the only way to attract attention to a certain problem, like the girl who was breastfeeding, or the guy who drew a proper parking spot on the ground. Have a look at our collection, it’ll definitely elevate your mood.

Bright Side would like to share some actions with you from human trolls who really love to laugh at others.

The girl who was breastfeeding was asked to cover herself. So, she covered herself.

“I’ve been waiting 9 months for a coworker to ride his Harley to work so I could do this.”

“My apartment complex hasn’t taken away this light pole since a tornado knocked it over 2 months ago. So I figured...”

When you want the clean sound:

Sometimes you need to make a mess to get rid of a mess.

“My neighbors have stick family decals. I bought an extra sticker and they haven’t noticed yet.”

Pilot Lounge is also written in braille...

Why did the delivery guy open my pizza?

“This stop sign in my town”

“My dad made this hole in the wall and my sister framed it and gave it a mini-sign like in an art gallery.”

When your kids ask how they were born, you can show them this...

“My friend’s pupper is in the cone of shame and I can’t even...”

“My wife keeps putting the roll on backward. I responded.”

Surprise! Surprise!

Do you like to prank your friends and family? Tell us in the comments below.

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