15 True Facts So Weird, You May Think They’re Fake

There are many things in our amazing world that seem fictional despite a strong evidence base. Bright Side has selected some of these facts for you. Remember a couple of them to impress your friends with your erudition on a Friday night.

At the end of the article, there is a bonus riddle. Please tell us your answer in the comments.

15. Viagra was originally tested for heart problems.

Viagra's modern use was discovered by accident. Initially, scientists were looking for a remedy that would relax blood vessels. However, an unusual side effect was reported, which led to Viagra being one of the most prescribed drugs in the world.

14. 9 out of 10 people suffer from phantom vibration syndrome.

Phantom vibration syndrome is a condition in which a person feels (more often under stress) that their cell phone is vibrating or ringing. Interestingly, this phenomenon was predicted back in 1996 in the comic strip Dilbert (however, it was called "phantom-pager syndrome").

13. The iPhone is more powerful than NASA's computers.

At the time of the first iPhone's release, it was more powerful than the computers NASA used in 1969 for the legendary flight to the Moon. Remember this next time you watch a cute video on your phone.

12. Vending machines kill more people than sharks do.

Statistically, vending machines, when falling, cause about 2 deaths a year. But shark attacks are fewer than 1 per year. By the way, falling coconuts also kill more people than sharks do.

11. Indian housewives own 11% of the world's gold.

Wearing gold jewelry is part of India's culture, so the country is the world's largest consumer of this metal. Indian households hold approximately 18,000 tons of gold, which is more than the reserves of the USA, Switzerland, and Germany put together.

10. In China, one must get government approval before reincarnation.

If a person wants to reincarnate, they need to submit applications to 4 governmental bodies and can fulfill such plans only after their approval. This order was issued in 2007. Thus, the government will know the next Dalai Lama's place of rebirth.

9. Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire.

Tenochtitlan, an Aztec city-state, was built around 1325. Oxford University has no clear date of foundation, but teaching existed there in 1096. By the way, in a laboratory at Oxford, there is a bell that has been ringing continuously (!) since 1840.

8. You can actually catch stupid.

Scientists have discovered a stupidity virus (ATCV-1) in the human body, which one can get in or through water. Infected people (about half of the people surveyed) process incoming information and fulfill assigned tasks more slowly. They also struggle with concentration.

7. When we are embarrassed, our stomach turns red.

Embarrassment causes our body to intensively produce adrenaline. This hormone activates blood circulation, and, as a result, not only the face but also the lining of the stomach turns red.

6. The area of the lungs is equal to the area of a 3-room apartment.

The alveoli, located in the lungs, are tiny air sacs. Their number can reach 300 million in each lung. If you imagine that it's possible to release the air out of them and spread their tissue, they would provide a surface area of about 75 square meters.

5. Koala fingerprints are identical to human fingerprints.

The difference between the papillary patterns of koala and human fingers is difficult to detect even with the help of an extremely powerful microscope. Scientists believe that such patterns help koalas to grasp better, which is important because koalas feed by climbing and reaching out for leaves.

4. A snail has more teeth than a shark.

Depending on the species, a shark can have 180-400 teeth. But a common garden snail has a radula: a chitinous ribbon resembling a grater. A typical radula may have around 12,000-20,000 teeth arranged in rows.

3. A praying mantis has 5 eyes and 1 ear.

This graceful insect has 5 eyes: 2 large and 3 small in the middle of the forehead. Its single ear is on its stomach, between the hind legs. Mantises also have very pretty wings. Mantises are incredible, bottom line.

2. Humans may have reddish eyes.

People and animals with albinism do not produce enough melanin, which results in very little pigment in their hair, eyes, and skin. Depending on the type of albinism, the blood vessels at the back of the eye may be seen, causing the eyes to look reddish or violet.

1. Women experience stronger pain

Women have more nerve pain receptors, so they experience stronger pain. But they have a lower pain threshold than men. Otherwise, no woman would be able to endure labor pains.

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