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15+ Awkward Shots That Can Mess With Your Head

Optical illusions use light, color, and patterns to distort what you see. The information your eyes see creates a reality in your brain that is completely untrue and makes you believe in the impossible. You’d never think that it could happen to you in everyday life, but a photo taken at just the right (or wrong) moment, can make a perfectly normal picture quite the opposite!

Here at Bright Side we’ve found photographs that will definitely make you do a double take, and often the photographer didn’t even understand the way they might be interpreted.

1. Matching suits for the couple! Oh, wait..

2. These sisters might be a little bit too close.

3. “The food’s great, Mom!”

4. My, what big hands you have!

5. Someone probably needs a shave...

6. “Send help, my dog is melting!”

7. Imagine how impressive this would be if it were real.

8. Someone’s growing up a little too quickly.

9. This is some weird magic right here.

10. Wait... what?

11. This cat is the god of all cats.

12. Giant seagull or tiny man?

13. “So I was wearing a shirt with a huge eye on it and my friend had sunglasses with mirrored lenses on and this happened....”

14. Doggo or broken loggo?

15. Perception is everything, especially when you think the city’s under attack!

16. “This dude has some nice legs!”

Which picture was your favorite? Let us know in the comments and show us if you’ve ever taken a photo that’s made you do a double take!

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