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15+ Awkward Situations We Can All Relate To

Life is full of awkward moments. Some of them are hilarious, while the others might be embarrassing. They are so much a part of our lives that there is a day dedicated to them called the Awkward Moments Day.

We at Bright Side delved into our past and recalled these moments to create this list of hilariously awkward moments we have all experienced.

Trying to get the perfect Facebook profile picture

Here’s a parking spot!

Why can’t I ever separate the paper from the plastic perfectly?

Happens every time I open a Swiss roll... Anyways, I lick the wrapper.

When you sharpen your pencil and this happens:

Facebook profile photo vs Real life

Watching a movie with your parents and a steamy scene comes on...

These boxes...

Someone photobombing your perfect shot

When your ice cream does not want to be eaten:

When you hug your tall friend:

When you accidentally touch someone in an inappropriate place on a crowded bus:

When you show someone a photo on your phone and they start scrolling:

When you don’t know the answer to a question during the exam:

The peeing target practice during our childhood

Spilling coffee all over your pants and having to work wearing them for the rest of the day

Which of these can you relate to? What other awkward moments have you experienced?

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