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15 Awkward Wedding Surprises That No One Was Prepared For

Not only is a wedding one of the most important events in the life of a couple, but also a real test for their nervous systems. And no matter how carefully you plan it, the universe still has several surprises prepared for you on this special day.

Bright Side has dived into the wedding topic and chose 15 photos with unusual plots.

When your wedding was a complete surprise for .... a bear:

“My husband and I got married this summer in our backyard and this is my favorite photo of the day.”

When choosing a dress with a long train and planning an outside wedding, something like this was bound to happen...

What could be more romantic than a wedding photo with the ocean in the background?

The only thing that could ruin this photo is a huge wave...

“Let’s do a photo with these cuties in the background,” they said.

“I just wanted a fluffy dress like the ones that princesses have.”

A life hack for bridesmaids

Catching the bride’s bouquet is like a jackpot for girls and like a game of Russian roulette for men.

Surprises are waiting around every corner during the preparation for your wedding.

When you ordered a luxury wedding cake with “The Tree of Life” but got something different:

All that’s left to do is put these wonderful candles on the cake:

The perfect idea for a photo session for those who like surprises:

Men’s self-confidence vs Women’s penchant for surprise

One more photo proving that wearing a long train is not the best idea:

Have you ever witnessed a wedding faux pas? Perhaps, your own wedding was full of surprises? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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