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15 Cool Ideas That Can Make Us Wonder How We’ve Lived Without Them

There’s no limit to perfection and our world is definitely not a flawless place. However, thanks to the people who put even the craziest ideas into action, our lives are becoming easier and more comfortable. Take a look yourself!

We, at Bright Side, created a cool compilation of things and ideas that help people deal with their everyday problems.

15. One of the cars in the Seoul subway has a mini-library.

14. This beach cafe provides free drinks to people who fill the bucket with garbage collected from the beach.

13. There’s a tiny lifting tool in this pickle jar.

12. This dust tray has a special place for your foot, so you don’t have bend down to collect the trash.

11. Managers of this hotel reasonably decided that it’s better to use the soap with a hole in the middle of it since nobody usually manages to use up the whole bar.

10. This pizza restaurant installed a small ladder, so children can watch how pizza is made.

9. You can see exactly how much milk is left.

8. This bottle of sauce allows you to choose the level of spiciness.

7. The display shows which cars are emptier than the others.

6. A marker that doesn’t ruin the highlighted text.

5. This street fountain with drinking water has 2 smaller fountains for dogs of different sizes and a container full of snacks for them.

4. In this Belgian bar guests are asked to take off one of their shoes, so they don’t leave with an expensive beer glass.

3. A swing for both a parent and a child.

2. This fence forms a bench.

1. A pencil you don’t have to sharpen.

Which idea do you find the most useful? Share with us in the comments!

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