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15 Cosplay Gurus Who Could Replace the Original and We Wouldn’t Even Notice

The word ‘cosplay’ is a combination of the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’ and it refers to a performance in which cosplayers wear self-made costumes to represent a pop-culture character. World-famous festivals like Comic Con in the USA or Comiket in Japan attract thousands of people whose creativity and imagination have no boundaries. Some cosplayers are so passionate about playing their favorite heroes that it’s hard to tell the difference between the original and the cosplay character.

Here at Bright Side we’ve prepared a compilation of pics showing cosplay gurus and a bonus shot that will make you doubt what you’re seeing.

1. Meet Master Roshi, a character from the popular Japanese manga called Dragon Ball. Amazing transformation!

2. Fantastic Jessica Rabbit.

3. This Cinderella must have stepped off of the TV screen.

4. This smile won’t leave anyone unmoved.

5. Hi, Ariel! You look amazing!

6. Some cosplayers are really passionate about their characters.

7. Charming Belle from our beloved cartoon.

8. Pocahontas and her cute raccoon pet Meeko.

9. All aboard!

10. Don’t eat that apple, Snow White.

11. We can’t really tell the difference between Princess Jasmine and Aladdin and these 2 stunning cosplayers. Can you?

12. Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter themselves.

13. Rapunzel and her gorgeous hair

14. No worries. Wonder Woman is here.

15. Cosplays are just awesome. Where else would The Mask meet Darth Maul?

BONUS: Is it cosplay or a scene from a movie? We are so confused.

Which of these cosplayers do you think could successfully substitute for the original? Feel free to share your impressions in the comments!

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