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15+ Crazy Things That Raise Too Many Questions to Their Creators

What were clients and designers thinking when they were creating mushroom coffee or a soap dispenser with a picture of grapes and the word “ketchup” on it? Did they have to work overtime? Were they forced to do it? We may never know. But the weird products they created still exist. After looking at them you will realize that the human mind is a really mysterious thing that probably makes life a lot more interesting.

Bright Side has discovered a new edge of product design, and we would like to share our finds with you.

1. “My $180-dollar Adidas rock collectors”

2. One glance at this label is enough to feel drunk.

3. The small pieces are for sharing with people you don’t really like.

4. Hood on vs hood off

5. — “Let’s make a floor like this and save money on cleaners!”
— “You are a genius!”

6. Better pray you don’t have sweaty fingers...

7. “I found this masterpiece at a local restaurant.”

8. Hold on, so which way is it?

9. Yes, it’s a soap dispenser labeled, “ketchup” with a picture of grapes. Nothing really special...

10. The perfect color for a pool

11. These are 2 different flavors.

12. “I was walking around my hotel floor attempting to find our room, 402.”

13. “I saw this van near my school. I’m slightly terrified.”

14. When a bad design literally catches your eye:

15. “I wonder what happened to his head.”

16. “Yup, I love looking at the back of my iPhone.”

17. Is it really supposed to be this way?

18. A dream for a delivery person

Which of these designs, in your opinion, is an epic fail?

Preview photo credit jtc42 / Reddit
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