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15 Crazy Transportation Methods From Around the Globe

There are no limits to human imagination and their ability to fit the unfit-able. But sometimes it seems impossible to deliver certain kinds of cargo from point A to point B without any help...not for these creative people! These talented transporters break the boundaries of travel and find their own unique ways to get to where they need to go.

Bright Side has gathered 15 transportation methods proving that habitual transportation can carry much more than we think. If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to travel, this list is for you.

1. “I’m invisible, nobody knows I’m a brick smuggler”.

This is what happens when you’re planning to build a house but don’t want to spend money on brick delivery. Good to know you can count on yourself... and a strong bike!

2. “How do I turn the corner?”

Wow... it must have been pretty tricky packing all of these boxes, but it was probably even more difficult maneuvering this on the road.

3. “We’re going to tame you, wild beast!”

This cargo situation was out of control — but with time, even the wildest animals can be domesticated.

4. “I’m totally comfortable driving like this!”

This picture leaves so many questions unanswered like, “Is he going to some sort of jeans party?”, “Is it even possible to drive like this?” and “Did he reach his final destination?” We may never know.

5. “What do you know about everyday creativity?”

This guy wanted a throne and he got it! This is the quintessence of driving comfort.

6. “There are never too many bicycles!”

This car’s driver decided to deliver all these bicycles in one trip, no way he’s going to the same place twice!

7. “You can hardly see me, but I’m here!”

This woman decided to move and she’s taking all her belongings with her. Why not, if you have an almighty scooter?!

8. “My circus skills always help me out!”

It seemed like a no-win situation, when suddenly he remembered about the skills he acquired in circus college...

9. “We’re ready for action!”

These guys were trained for everything, even getting in compact positions before deployment!

10. “Don’t ask me what we need all this for, my wife did the packing.”

They decided to take everything on this trip — we’re guessing the most important stuff is in the leopard bag...

11. “I’m skillful and I know it.”

Eggs are extremely fragile, but that doesn’t stop this person from delivering them on a scooter. Good skill makes it work, right?

12. “If you’re driving behind me, you won’t see me.”

What does he need all these materials for? Maybe he has decided to sew one big blanket and cover the whole town with it?

13. “If you look long enough, you might see me fly away with these balloons.”

These balloons need to be delivered quickly, so why not use the easiest means of transportation at his disposal?

14. “When you buy this bread, it’s still gonna be hot and fresh!”

What do you do if you need to deliver lots of bread and you have only one bicycle? Practice equilibrium, of course!

15. “Sometimes we even take our grandparents with us!”

How many people do you think could fit on a single motorbike? As many as you need to fit!

Have you ever witnessed a jaw-dropping scene on the road? Maybe you saw someone driving a completely overloaded vehicle and thought, “Is it even safe to drive like this?” Please share your experience in the comments below.

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