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15 Creepy Photos That Gave Us the Shivers, and We Still Can’t Get Over Them


Sometimes it takes us a really long time to understand what’s going on in a photo. And most of the time, it’s impossible to do so without being given a hint.

Bright Side has collected several photos that are impossible to explain rationally. In fact, they are still a mystery to Internet users.

“Saw a demon making a’s gonna be a rough year.”

" ’Go swimming’, they said..."

“It took me several seconds to actually see her face.”

“A hornet nest formed around a mask in a shed and created nightmare fuel.”

Island of Dead Dolls in Mexico

This cat has become pretty big...

This is not a flying rock, and this is not the sky.

How does this person look young/old and like a woman/man at the same time?

Any idea what’s going on here?

These chickens are up to something.

A weird cosmetic procedure

The mirror image of this burning tree looks like a demon.

Very strange children’s games

Zombie sheep

“Will you ever stop taking selfies?!”

Which of these photos seemed the creepiest to you? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Zobaken / imgur, Centroid / imgur
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