15 Embarrassing Moments That Are Impossible Not to Laugh at

We've all been in situations where we got confused and mixed things up. It's not very pleasant, but sometimes you can't help but laugh at yourself and your clumsy mistake.

Bright Side gathered several quite embarrassing situations that will definitely make your day.

1. A black cat

A man was really worried about his pet's behavior and decided to check with a vet. The cat was later diagnosed with anxiety, and the owner had to pay $130 for the visit and medication. Neither the man nor the vet knew that it was not actually the man's cat. The man realized it when his real cat returned home from a long adventure. Who was this impostor that the man had been caring for? Well, the man should've suspected something when his neighbor was looking for his lost black cat. "Sorry, there's only my cat here," the man had said.

2. Alarm clock

"Now I know why my alarm clock didn't go off at 9:30."

3. A short Vietnamese man

An embarrassing accident happened to Scottish Baroness Michelle Mone at a business conference in Vietnam. After her speech in front of 3,000 people, a 22-year-old Vietnamese man of small stature approached her to give her flowers. The lingerie tycoon picked him up and cuddled him, thinking he was a child.


Well, it seems that this 2-year-old kid thinks these are real people in LEGOLAND.

5. Imprisonment

Ross Lebeau, 24, spent 3 days in prison for no reason at all. The police thought his cat litter was...crystal meth. When they stopped his car, they found what they believed to be meth inside an old sock. In fact, he kept this sock in his car to prevent the windows from misting up with condensation.

6. A door

When you buy the door separately. What a surprise! It doesn't fit.

7. Cookies

This is what happens when you cook when you're drunk.

8. My shoes

"I realized something was wrong when I got to work. At least the colors match."

9. Docking station

"My brother complained that his docking station didn't work properly and scratched the screen. I asked if he was doing everything right and asked him to send a photo."

10. Sydney

A guy really wanted to visit sunny Australia but ended up in snowy Canada. How could this happen? Milan Schipper bought a ticket to another Sydney. It turns out there's a city with the same name in Canada. He first realized something was wrong when he landed in Toronto for a stopover.

11. A coffee cup

Sometimes you can see your own name on a cup. Kind of.

12. A story of one photo

This photo became well known because the boy's mother confused a pajama day with the annual photo day. The boy isn't happy about wearing his SpongeBob pajamas for the photo shoot.

13. A white dog

Terry has a Jack Russell Terrier dog named Dew. The dog was scared of fireworks and used to run away and hide, often getting lost. One day, Terry saw a notice on social media about 2 lost dogs walking around the city. She didn't know for sure whether it was her dog or not. She sent a photo to her son asking, "Is Dew home?" Her son was really confused because the dog in the photo looked nothing like their Dew – it looked more like a polar bear. He posted a funny note on Twitter: My mom has no idea what our dog looks like. The popular post helped 2 lost dogs find their home.

14. Italy

When you have little time to see a lot of cities, you can easily get confused. Is it Rome or is it Pisa? Nevermind. It's Italy. That's all that matters.

15. Graduation

A girl from England published a very funny video on her Twitter account. Her father tried to record her graduation walk: "My dad legit filmed the wrong girl going down the aisle at my graduation. Sums up my dad."

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