15 Examples of How Much the World Has Changed in 17 Years

Every now and again, we catch ourselves thinking, "Wow, the world has really changed!" We at Bright Side have decided to collect 15 visual proofs of how things have become different over the past 17 years.

Water bottle vs edible water bottle

Eco-friendly products came a long way...

Printing: paper vs 3D printing

Instead of paper, you can print the printer. Fascinating!

Zac Efron 2000 vs Zac Efron 2017

Boy got ripped...

Flip phone vs iPhone

We must admit one thing: you can't close an iPhone to prove a point in an argument...

Rollerblades vs Hoverboard

Really, in 2000 we imagined hoverboards differently.

Makeup 2000 vs makeup 2017

More bright colors!

MP3s on a USB vs Spotify

You can't lose a Spotify, that's for sure.

MySpace vs Snapchat

The face swap filter is everything.

Street fashion vs Instagram model

At least now they are making some money on it.

Furbie 2000 vs Furbie 2017

Adorable in every generation, we say!

Finger games vs Fidget spinners

Simple pleasures do not change.

What Women Want vs Wonder Woman

The perception of women has definitely changed.

Vegan food: salad vs the "impossible" burger

Getting healthy now has a range.

Regular room vs space-saving furniture

You can't hold the style back!

Rihanna 2000 vs Rihanna 2017

Oh, Riri! You are perfect at every age!

Which nostalgic things would you add to this list?

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