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15 Familiar Things That Have Changed Immensely With Time


A few decades ago people couldn’t even think about a portable computer or a touchscreen phone. Because the first computer wouldn’t even fit in a room, and a phone looked completely different and was something that only rich people could afford. Do you know which changes have happened to dogs and chickens?

Bright Side wants you to take a seat in the time-travel machine and see how the things we know so well looked when they were just invented or just appeared.


The first swimsuits were made in the 18th century. They had nothing to do with modern bikinis. A dress with the ruffles, knickers, and a bonnet — there’s your swimsuit! These parts disappeared only in the beginning of the 20th century. They were replaced by knitted swimsuits and the bikini that we all know and love appeared in 1946.


The very first irons appeared in Ancient Greece. Actually, it wasn’t really an iron but more of a hot iron bar. The things that we know as irons appeared in Europe in the 18th century. People used to put coal in them and heated them up on stoves. They were made of cast iron and weighed over 11 pounds.


Thanks to the green screen and computer graphics, you can shoot a movie in Rome or on Mars. A team of hundreds of people works on these movies. The first movies were very primitive. They were made in a single shot, no editing, no camera movement, and no lighting. The cameraman also played the role of the director, editor, and lighting artist.


Cave art tells us that the first razors appeared in prehistoric times. Sharpened animal teeth or shells played the role of razors but later they were replaced by knives. In the first millennium, B.C. iron razors were invented. They were used up until the middle of the 19th century. The razors that we know today have existed for only a very short time — they were invented in the 1970s.

Data storage

Modern hard drives can store terabytes of information and millions of files. The first data storage devices were magnetic tapes and punched cards. But one of the first really popular ways of storage was, of course, the floppy disk which could store only a few photographs.

Computer games

In 1940, the first arcade machine Nimatron was invented. They had no actual graphics and there were only light bulbs. Something that looked remotely like graphics was created about 20 years later in 1961 in a game called Spacewar. There was an image of 2 fighting spaceships and the sky. Over time artists have learned to model the faces of characters using real people. For example, Max Payne was based on the scriptwriter of the game Sam Lake.

USB drives

You can now fit more information on a data storage device. With a flash drive, all the photographs on a camera can fit in the palm of your hand. And before it was pretty big, was attached to the back of the camera, and was charged by a special metal cassette. This a camera weighed a lot and it was not very easy to hold in your hands.


Bananas have changed a lot over the time too. The first bananas were cultivated around 7,000 thousand years ago, it was the Musa acuminate species. But later they were crossed with Musa balbisiana and eventually resulted in the bananas we know today. It may be sad that we are unlikely to see the original bananas, but on the other hand the bright fruit we know today is much tastier than its ancestor.

Baby carriage

Baby carriages appeared only in the 18th century in Great Britain. They were really different from what we know today. The carriage was a small copy of the adult carriage that was propelled with a horse or a donkey in front and children could only sit in this type of carriage.


The first military camouflage was used in the army at the end of the 19th century and was actively used during the First World War. It didn’t just hide people but even hid entire ships. The modern camouflage has a lot of different colors and patterns depending on countries where it is used.


Centuries of dog breeding has changed them a lot. For example, the German Shepherd was 30 pounds lighter and was considered to be a medium-sized dog. Unfortunately, the changes that happen to dogs over time, through breeding, are responsible for their health issues. The German Shepherd, for instance, has painful hip problems.


The first portable computer appeared in 1981. It weighed almost 25 pounds and cost almost $2,000. There was only 64 kb of RAM, 3 ports (one for connecting a modem) and a 5-inch monochrome display.

Touch screen

The touchscreen was invented in the U.S. in 1972. It consisted of a bunch of infrared rays 16×16 blocks. Even at this low accuracy, a user could still choose an answer by pressing the necessary spot on the screen. And 10 years ago, the Elographics company presented a touchscreen-TV to the world. Unfortunately, touchscreens weren’t widely used for a long time, but they were used in medicine and the industrial sector.


If you look at the cosmetic procedures of the last century, you might think that they are some kind of torture device. Nope, they are just freckle freezers and masks. Modern cosmetology has made a huge step forward and the huge scary machines are in the past. Some procedures can even be performed at home.

Broiler chicken

Chickens have become bigger over the past few decades, especially their chest and legs. It is believed that this is due to the hormones and steroids that chickens eat in their food. However, farmers claim that this is caused by the fact that chickens are bred in more modern conditions now, and that’s why their health has improved.

Which things of the past seemed the strangest and the most unusual? We really want to know!

Preview photo credit Karoliina T, Dogs of All Nations
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